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Tanzania holt child impregnation and child marriages

Tanzania has issued a new law prohibiting the impregnation or marrying of schoolgirls in the country, anyone who fails to uphold the stipulations of this law will result in a 30 year imprisonment. This law passed was long overdue due to the immense number child marriages, holding the rank of one of the country’s with the highest child marriage rate in the world. As shocking as it sounds the surge of reality intensifies after the quick contemplation of a grown man 30 years and older bedewing an adolescent child in grade school. The provision stipulates that, “any person who impregnates a primary school or a secondary school girl commits an offense and shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term of thirty years”.

I commend this arrow thrown from the country of Tanzania to the motives of the child marrying girls in the country, ruining the lives of the young child imprisoning her to the house hold laws of the man forcing young girls to drop out of school and perform womanly duties is quiet absurd. There are still other countries who participate in these ceremonies. In sub-Saharan Africa, about 40 percent of girls reportedly marry before the age of 18, but there is an emerging voice contesting and opposing these acts of child marriage. Zimbabwe and Malawi recently banned child marriages. Parallel Magazine commends Tanzania for establishing and implementing its law against child marriage encouraging other countries in Africa and around the world to also consider as well.

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