Rihanna unleashes Intergalactic side

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Princess Leia has got nothing on the new intergalactic Rihanna in her new music video directed by Floria Sigismondi, for her already hit song “Sledgehammer”, which will be featured in the new Star Trek movie  “Star Trek Beyond”in theaters on July 22. In this space sensational, meteor manipulating, solar stellar scenery RiRi takes up a new form, one we’ve never seen or anticipated. Rihanna is dressed a flowing orange cloak like gown cut to her petite silhouette, ancient artificial accessories, with extended arms shifting as if she was shaping the actual energy in the atmosphere. With ancient alien markings from the top of her forehead to the cusp of her chin; galaxy gazing through your soul seizing control over a layer of attention and reestablishing a sense of intrigue as RiRi moves matter with her mind. This music video is a must see for 2016!

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