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Nike signs Nigerian Visual Artist Laolu Senbanjo to be Master of Air

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To reveal the inside mind of the Nike chosen Nigerian artist turning canvas shoes into art canvases that expresses his historical heritage, thoughts, and global travels. Who is this infamous artist you ask? His art that has been infiltrating through your social media feeds of “Afro-Fantasy” painted footwear; well this greatly gifted artist is known by no other than Laolu Senbanjo. Who would have thought Laolu was actually a musician and also law graduate, before his art stricken athletic shoes pieces; with experience in human rights law, actively practicing in Nigeria until he moved to New York City. Laolu’s examining eye for his surroundings, photographic memory, and animated imagination infuses to deliver a dream like design, with contour colors serves as a cultured capsule that connects all generations with the African tribal art of the much older generation. Laolu stated that all of his artwork is heavily influenced by his Yoruba heritage and life experiences. “…feminism, women and children are often present and common themes in my work”.

I see Loalu’s art as a way to educate the youth of the way messages were passed and stories were conveyed in the elder more simplistic times in African history, painting history on new cutting edge Nike canvases would be able to get the attention of the younger generation. Loalu did not only grasp the attention of the younger generation but also the attention of the powerhouse brand, “Nike”. According to our sources at Nike, the American sportswear company has signed Laolu Senbanjo as a “Master of Air”.  All will see him create art-inspired Air Max at the Air Max Con 2016. Sneaker Con is a national tour of private and corporate sneaker vendors who host massive daylong events in cities across America attracting thousands of sneaker connoisseurs who gather to buy and sell footwear while discussing every facet of the sneaker head culture. Expect to hear big things from the Nigerian artist laolu Senbanjo, and let us all support his movement.


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