Nana Antwi Ghanaian Model becomes the New Face for Revlon

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We all know the world renown American cosmetics company Revlon for their skin care, fragrance and personal care founded in 1932. Since the creation of the fabulous and illustrious brand of well assorted and exclusive products, the Revlon name has kept a consistent and tenacious run to cosmetic success. With a product so flawless only requires models of high prestige and glamor to compliment the “Riveting Revlon” brand; this model happens to exude above and beyond these said qualities of pictorial excellence. Ghana born, British super model, Nana Afua Antwi is her name. She astounds the masses through the art of modeling, which is her game. 27 year-old Nana emerged in the model spotlight when she won Britain’s Top Model of Color contest on November 27, 2010. Since then, she has been dazzling the minds of the viewers as she enhances, shifts, and manipulates the nature of her look to capture the essence of each project she embarks on. Not only does she ‘slay” the modeling scene, but is investing her time in philanthropy well. In 2011, Nana Afua established charity ‘Akosua ODei Foundation‘ which aimed at single young women/mothers living harsh lives in rural Ghana/ Africa which was inspired by an item on BBC News. In May 2011 Nana Afua became an Ambassador with Save the Children International charity to assist organize a fashion show to raise money for the needy children. With a huge heart, she also carries a huge sense of business savvy skills launching a press launch for the Akosua Odei Foundation at Hotel Russell in West London on 26 May 2012. Nana Afua recently started a presenting role which promotes African Music (afro beats) with one of the leading Pan African TV channel in the UK Vox Africa on the show “The Hi-Life”which promotes Afro Beats.  Lastly, she was selected to be the face of Revlon’s campaign. With her expediting pace of growth who knows what heights she will reach next. So to you Nana, the Parallel team expresses true joy to say “congratulation and continue such great progress!”

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