Michelle Obama visits Liberia

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The mother of our nation has returned from her trip to the motherland and has interacted with the young achievers from the quickly developing countries of morocco and Liberia. Two unique young achievers that stood out to Michelle Obama were: a Liberian girl who goes by the name of Rihab Feelee and a Moroccan girl by the name of Ralphina Wakes. Their everyday life was seen as a captivating due to the trials and tribulations these two young girls face everyday such as; severe poverty, high chances of teen pregnancy, extremely long treks to school, evading the chances of being sexually harassed and or assaulted. What Michelle realized is the fact she was able to interact with these two girls among thousands of other girls experiencing the same things within their areas. Michelle stated: “More than 62 million girls worldwide are not in school. This is such a heartbreaking loss, because these girls are so bright and so hungry to learn, and like Ralphina and Rihab, they have such big dreams for themselves. These girls are no less smart or deserving of an education than my own daughters, or any of our sons and daughters. The only thing that separates them from our children is geography and luck.” Educating girls doesn’t just transform their life prospects; it transforms the prospects of their families, communities, and nations as well. Studies have shown that educated girls end up earning 10 to 20 percent more for each year additional year of secondary school and sending more girls to school and into the workforce can boost the entire countries GDP. Educated girls have lower rates of infant and maternal mortality, marry later, and are more likely to immunize their children and less likely to contract malaria and HIV. Knowing the limited resources of theses girls were hindering them of receiving adequate schooling Michelle Obama with her husband launched Let Girls Learn, an initiative to help adolescent girls worldwide attend school. With a huge heart and the a powerful message, Michelle Obama continues her charge for educating under privileged girls around the globe.


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