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Mama Where Are You?

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How will you carry your children?

Will your pelvic bone be broken

In order for you to bare life like me?

Where is your fertility?

Where is your waist?

Where are your hips and why are your lips so big?

Why are your cheeks so big and sunken?

Mama, why do I see your bones?

I can feel your spine

And I can see your chest and collarbone.

I can fit your two wrists in the circle of my thumb & index.

Mama, where are your breasts?

I say you’ll never be able to feed your children.

How do you keep still as the wind blows?

You’re cute..

Yet you’ll never be beautiful like me

I can’t find your back

Honey you front like a man.

What are you?

Mama, where do you come from?

What was he thinking as he dropped the tiny hint of beauty,

But missed all the endowments?

Your soles are too cracked up

to rub against me, Mama

Your skin..

I can barely find you.

As the moon attempts to bare only it’s light upon you,

Mama where are you?

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