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Ghanian self-taught artist, Solomon Adufah surges social media

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When I finish a piece, it feels as if a part of myself has been captured on canvas and can be forever memorialized. The process of painting is much more fulfilling than the end result because there is such connection between working with colors and how it almost seems like, through painting impulsively, the colors also have such harmony within the character.

A Connection indeed! This incredibly talented artist continues to astonish the minds of the viewers. Far more cultivated than captivating, this creative artist goes by the name of Solomon Adufah. The “Prince of portraits” began his radiant color reign at the tender age of six years old. Solomon recalls his many attempts to sketch the dolphin from the Sea World commercials on television. Growing up in a low populated rural village of Odumasi, Ghana and lacking the visual aide of television; Solomon would carry a small sketchbook filled with sketches of his everyday surroundings. Having no formal art training, Solomon’s brushing dexterities began to improve and enhanced the quality of his craft to which he claims to be his ”God given talent”. He worked with charcoal, pastel, oil and acrylic; he chose acrylic as his weapon of choice. Solomon studied some artists he found artistically influential. With humble and modest beginnings, Solomon’s vibrant portraits began to spread on social media as an “artistic atom bomb”, spreading like a venomous virus contracting creative culture within. Solomon’s style incorporates the vivacious illuminating colors, vibrant tones, and highlighting strokes reveling the “true color of society”; “it is as if he paints the color of the soul“. Astounding work, Solomon Adufah! Parallel magazine commends your talents and we wish your journey to success, a journey with ease.

“I’ve had several exhibition experiences but none to this magnitude. Painting is a huge part of my life and I only want to share my passion with the rest of the world. Ultimately, the world inspires me every day and I want to give back my gratitude through art.”


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