From home to Hollywood celebs KISUA bridges gap for African designers

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KISUA (meaning ‘well-dressed person’ in Coastal Swahili language)

 Well known and highly notable to astoundingly creative African designers around the African continent has created a fashionable platform protruding through the vast design world.

The infamous KISUA meaning well-dressed person in Swahili, created by Ghanaian entrepreneur Samuel Mensah has been offering there service to serve the international consumers with stellar clothing unseen in your local shopping malls.

Check out the images below, the stunning models striking  poses while wearing clothes from KISUA.comcatching the attention of enormous audience. Many designers with great intentions to break through internationally and reach different demographics are limited due to lack of recourses, so they look to the “Savior of Sites”KISUA to become their missing link in connecting to the outside world of consumers; also most consumers wish to have the authenticity of products made by Africans than replicas. With all the assistance given by KISUA to the many designers, KISUA can be predicted to be one of the most influential online retailers in the near future.

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