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Floating School in Lagos Lagoon

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  An envisioned scholastic facility would consist of a cubed shaped classroom, books, pencils, desks and a ready to teach instructor with a well planned lesson in a standard school facility planted on the ground right?. I think the architectural designer Kunle Adeyemi and his captivating invention could beg to differ. In the lagoon of Lagos, Nigeria is where you would find this new age captivating construction of educational council, floating on the water, as a beacon of hope for the Makoko slums. Makoko was established as a fishing village hundreds of years ago but due to the climate change and accelerated population increase; endangers the life span of Makoko. This educational, eco friendly, floating, facility; built with locally sourced wood and floating on hundreds of recycled plastic barrels, provides free education for the children of makoko. With enrollment room for 100 students, the opportunity Kunle offerers by designing the “floating school“, is not only  a revolutionary way for educational facilities but a way for the children inhabiting the Lagos lagoons to escape the clutching grasps of poverty and altering not only their future but their families future as well. The pyramid shaped school took three years to build and caters for children and is the only English speaking one in the area. This Scholastics safe-haven adapts to the changing water levels withstanding other weather hindrances especially in the four month rainy season. Attending this school is revolutionary for our generation as the boundaries for scholastic advancement has slightly shifted; from classrooms, to living rooms, now to lagoons. Floating to school on canoes, wearing their bright yellow and bold blue uniforms I can truly say that I envy these young children

“I’ve never seen a school floating on water before, this is the only one that I’ve seen,” 11-year-old Omodobu Emmanuel said. “That’s why I forced my parents to take me to this school.”

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