Ebola rears its head in Liberia once again

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In the humble of home of a Liberian, Ebola revealed its presence once again to terrorize the relief and comfort of the lenient people of Monrovia. The 30-year-old woman, whose identity has not been released, was brought to a hospital in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia on Thursday after feeling the sickening yet dyer symptoms of Ebola. She then died before she reached the hospital. Liberia’s World Health Organization (WHO) says she had previously been admitted to a clinic in Paynesville, just east of Monrovia. Also stating, “Her blood specimens were taken and tested positive of Ebola. Investigations are ongoing to identify the source of transmission and the line-listing of contacts.” Liberia’s health ministry states, “The Ministry of Health is encouraging the citizens not to panic in the wake of the new Ebola case”, it said.

The luminous country of Liberia has had its third flare-up of Ebola virus disease since the original outbreak declaration in May, after declaring Liberia Ebola free in January. Liberia closing its border with Guinea, fearing the potential spread of the outbreak after Guinea announced new cases of Ebola March 17, just hours after Sierra Leone declared an end of active transmission. I hope and pray that the wretched outbreak of Ebola finds no home to settle with its imposing, dark, and deathly presence hovering around the neck of Mother Africa.

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