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Bikes of The Future

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Have you ever imagined metal being a thing of the past? Well if you haven’t then the Ghana native, Bernice Darpaah can give you better view to a “Greener” future with her revolutionary discovery for personal transport.

Who is Bernice you ask? Well Bernice Darpaah is the Astoundingly Innovative 34yr old out of Accra, Ghana; She is also the CEO of “Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiativea company that applies the standard bicycle skeleton to the super sturdy stick shaped bamboo, to then create the “perfect” bicycle. The mission for this environmental company was to not only offer a new and eco friendly way of personal transportation to those of poverty stricken areas, climate change, and rural-urban migration; But also to play a huge role in the creation of employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled youth and women. Bernice has already trained more than 35 youth and disabled workers, 10 farmers, and 25 bike framers.

Bernice first developed this idea in college. she states “I wanted to see how best I could do something using local raw materials”. That she did!. Ushering the Bamboo bikes to Accra, Ghana has made its way all over the world taking pictures and showing appreciation to Bernice aka “Miss B”; a name given to her by her employees after she refused her last nickname “madame”. To which she says makes her feel like she’s the boss, a title she feels is too “big” and “less connecting” to the women and youth workers.

These Extraordinary bamboo bikes are grown outside of the facilities ,recyclable, and are customary hand painted to the artistic desires of the customer. Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative does not just keep all the profits to the company but also donates bamboo bikes to local communities and to young children forced to walk miles to school daily to receive an education. Bamboo bikes can be seen as a “flairing flag of an eco-friendly future”.

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