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Angola makes new steel from recycled guns

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      You can feel the essence of pain, divide, affliction, retribution, and of loss from the sites of many riddled weapons used in the callous civil war in Angola. The piles of rusted scrap metal from assault rifles and armored tanks tells a story of the many lives that were lost; revisiting the sudden burn to the open wounds of conflict and war waged. From the haunting, hazardous heaps of used weapon metal emerges the innovative opportunity filled French businessman Georges Choucair; chairman of K2L Capital. Choucair has worked in Angola since 1992, in a diverse range of businesses including bakeries, before becoming the country’s main steel importer. The high esteemed business man has established the largest steel mill in west and central Africa, starting operations at a hefty $300 million dollars to the company by the name of “Aceria de Angola”, aslo known as “ADA“. The steel mill has ensured opportunity of employment for many Angola citizens disposing of the weapons, which also pose a threat to others “Steel is as important as food,” says Choucair


Fonderie 47′s jewelry is made of repurposed steel from AK-47s taken out of war zones in parts of Africa, and can attest to the good use of scrap metal from guns to produce elegant and unique jewelry.


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