Alicia Keys Moving Tribute to Refugee Crisis

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Stepping out of the glamorous lights of the star studded, diamond encrusted, lavish lifestyle that surrounds the soulful songstress Alicia Keys, Keys invites the audience to experience the sense of involvement when it comes to the refugees all over the world.

Paying homage to “World Refugee Day”, Keys and her
“We Are Here” movement decided to create a short film directed by Jonathan Olinger called “Let Me In”. The short film not only debuts Alicia Keys’ new single “Hallelujah” but also visually communicates the perspective of refugees.

The sense of reliability exudes from this short film showing that the life of a refugee or becoming a refugee isn’t as far from our comfort as we think. “Let Me In”, is a brief compelling act of seeing the side of uncertainty, heartbreak, panic, paranoia and escape from the other side of the spectrum; an everyday norm for those who are refugees in a land they know very little of.

“The intention behind Let Me In is to bring the struggles of refugees and displaced people into a relatable context,” Olinger said. “I hope the film leaves people asking the simple question: What if it was us? And that it ultimately blurs the lines between ‘us’ and ‘them’ — as we are all human.”
So take a look at the short film “Let Me In” by Alicia Keys and enjoy!


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